Desde rainy, green, Galicia hasta bullfighting, flamenco-filled Andalucía

    It’s October 14th, and I’m now comfortably settled in Seville, Spain. I’m gonna go ahead and preface this post by saying it won’t be entirely ~*positive*~, as the last four months or so have been very intense and one of those phases of just thing after thing. Maybe click away if you want … More Desde rainy, green, Galicia hasta bullfighting, flamenco-filled Andalucía

splicing the vices

hi again, everyone. apparently i am not the most consistent blogger, but some things have happened the past few months that would feel incorrect for me to post about too much in detail. i will definitely be writing another more Spain-relevant post in the near future… but right now, there is some other stuff weighing on me … More splicing the vices

phoenix feels

So I haven’t updated in awhile for various reasons… You know when you’re in the middle of something and you know you need to ride it out and process it all before you can talk about it? That’s where I’ve been, in that in-between space. The past couple weeks have been a little rough. I’ve … More phoenix feels

…on & on

The days are flying by somehow, even though I technically work less hours than I did back home. There is always something to do, something to see, and someone to meet for a caña. Before moving here, people would ask if I was ready for the fiestas and the bars in which, on a typical Tuesday … More …on & on

mi vida en Santiago de Compostela

Galicia, the seventh and oft-forgotten Celtic Nation, truly is enchanting. Hola chicos… que tal? It’s been a fun experience adjusting to Spain-Spanish lingo as opposed to the Mexican-Spanish I’ve grown up around and been surrounded by. Vale! Vosotros! El ordenador! Zeta having a “th” sound… Thapatos! I’ve noticed that Spaniards tend to be rather, er, … More mi vida en Santiago de Compostela