allow me to reintroduce myself…

Heylo folks… Caroline here. Though it’s not like I particularly need to introduce myself, because as of now, like 5 of my friends are going to be reading this. (hi fwends)

So here is a blog. One blog in a sea of millions. I have been very hesitant about making ~*a blog*~ for awhile. After countless abandoned Tumblrs and Xangas over the years, I’ve become more private in what I choose to share online nowadays. But after much sweet encouragement from a dear friend, as well as wanting to tap back into writing more, I decided to go ahead and make this thang. Physical journaling can sometimes be unmotivating and emotionally taxing for me, and typing works faster with my thought processes. I have no idea what style or aesthetic I want this to focus on. I have no idea what it will eventually evolve into. I personally do not really care about the whole concept of “branding” one’s work (though I recognize its necessity in various online ventures). I do know that a large purpose for writing this is to start practicing doing things for myself, and not restricting myself for fear of judgment from others.

WordPress was like… are you a lifestyle blog? Travel blog? And I was like um I don’t know I just want to write some shit for myself and for people and stuff. SO HERE WE ARE haaaaaay

As mentioned above (again, this is literally only for people who are not my 5 friends that would somehow encounter this blog) I am an American southerner (615, represent) that has moved to Spain as of about a month ago. The city of Santiago de Compostela, to be exact. I s’pose in my next post I will talk about what life has been like so far here.

ciao for now,



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